Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 18 and we have a winner.

Whew! The one that I thought was most kaput. Is here.

See how dark that right guy (Earl) is compared to the guy on the left?
I thought he was a goner.


Heeeeeeerrrrre's Earl!!!!

Fa discovered him right before we left for school on Friday.
She wanted to go say goodbye to them and she saw the guy above.

Turns out, I didn't remember from last year, but the darker the chrysalis gets, the closer they are to emerging. You can even see their wings underneath the layer of the chrysalis. Too cool.

Here he is about 4pm on Friday. Day 18.

Smile for the camera!

Whew! Now I can breathe.

And now Fa (not me) is wondering, "What's taking the others so long, Mom?"

The one that was getting bullied the most, was the biggest caterpillar and the first butterfly to emerge a winner. Yay for the underdog! We shall overcome!


And because I love you all and couldn't keep you all hanging over the weekend....

Day 19 in the morning.

This is what we all woke up to:
And then there was one...

The guy on the leaf!

"New Born"

See the red colored droplet underneath him?
It's from his chrysalis. It's not blood. It's from his wet wings.

Awww, how cuuuute.

We are waiting for the last guy/gal to emerge, then we will set them free in the garden.

Stay tuned.


  1. Awww...sniff sniff... they grow up and leave the nest so soon... sniff sniff.

    I am so glad they turned out OK. I was, in an odd way, worried about them.

    Yeah Earl!!

  2. Wow. I forget how amazing it all is...

    And humans think they're cool...We know NOTHING.

  3. This is so cool. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Awesome! Way to go Earl! How long can you keep them in their little cage thingie before you have to let them og?

  5. Great pictures ... and good for Earl!!!!!

  6. how totally cool...amazing pics too. I remember having the same reaction last time you did this. WTG!!!

  7. Yay, underdogs! They are so pretty! When do they get released into the wild? | email

  8. How exciting! We have to do this with my girls! They would love it.

  9. So fantastic!
    I have been showing becca the entire process. she is in love!


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