Monday, May 19, 2008

Day Three, Day Four and Day Five

My plan was to post each day separately! With the weekend and with the fact that they are getting huger by the second, I wanted to show you the differences in only three days.

And they are an ornery bunch too. They fight with each other. Either that, or they are making more baby caterpillars.

They eat so much. I've never seen caterpillars eat and poop before. This years batch it wild! They actually poop. And we watched it. I know! Who gets excited about that? *Raises hand*...

Day Three
They seem to be doing nothing. But I assure you they are working very hard to get plump.

They officially have names too! I'd like to introduce you to:

Day Fur Four

Ooooh, they sure are getting furrier and furrier.
Look at the one under the lid!

It's a little blurry because of the plastic container they are in...but that's them hangin' out.

They sure do seem to like in in there.

Day Five

Can you stand it?

According to Fa, this is Earl and Bobbie.

And this is Patapilla, Sarah and Margin (pronounced Marvin...with a 'G')

Yeah, she likes to name them. And I believe she truly can tell each of them apart. She is an animal lover of the big and teeny. I adore her for that.


  1. I think Mom likes them too.

    Great shots.

  2. i love that she names them. that rocks.

  3. can't wait to see the butterflies they change into.

  4. Fa is a very wise young lady. Being able to tell all of them apart is yet another sign of her wisdom.

    I love the names. Earl? Margin? How great is that???

  5. hi JJ,
    i can understand your excitement. when we go to the summer fair here, i think it is so wild a grown pig pee. i mean have you ever seen that?? they can pee forever. what a trip that was the first time i saw that. my girls (pre teens at the first time) were so embarrassed, going mom, come on, let's go, mommmm! stop looking!! hahaha

    enjoy, kathleen

  6. I'd be getting excited over all that, too. What kind of butterflies or moths will these grow into?

  7. awww look .. they grow so fast!

    We are big into plants.

    Isn't it awesome to watch their awe, wonder and excitement?!!?


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