Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fun Stuff

Hope you had a happy cinco. We had tacos and coronas last night to set the mood...I even made my very own guacamole! I rock.


The Pro and I were looking online at this site...and found this ad.

I'm linking and copying and pasting...THAT'S how funny I think it is...Have a good laugh. I pee a little every time I read it.

FOUND: Special-Needs Penguin

Date: 2007-09-03, 12:17PM CDT

Tuxedo-colored Penguin found in the middle of Bell Grimes Lane. Gender unknown. Missing one wing/fin/flipper thingy. Does not fly, swims in circles. Not particularly outgoing, but cuddly and housebroken. Knows commands "sit" and "stay." I cannot keep; my cat wants to beat the stuffing out of it and complex does not allow large dogs, farm animals or exotic pets. Please contact me if it belongs with you, if you know who it belongs with, or if you would like to add this quiet, low-maintenance critter to your household.

  • Location: Nashville
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


Hey, on a totally different note, did you know that you could download the new NIN album "The Slip" off their site...FOR FREE?!?!

Go now...it's fucking fantastic. Here's the link to the site.

Follow the directions, you'll enter your e-mail and they'll send you the actual link to download the album in all different formats. The have MP3 formats and torrent files...You need to download "Bit Torrent" in order to use those...I had no clue either, the Pro did it for me...My computer geek! Plus the site is quite user friendly with explanations of everything...

Gotta love it.


  1. That's hilarious - you had me going for a minute!

  2. I sincerely hope that Fa did not have Coronas last night with her tacos!!!

    That's a funny ad.

    As for the NIN album, I should have told you about that earlier - but isn't it fantastic?

  3. GREAT ad...Poor Penguin... HA!

    And thanks for the link, baby. Will do...As in, I'll have Will do it. He's in-charge of our i-pods and the whole music thing and... yeah...I'll shut up now.

  4. You said a swear! I have never hard you do that before! lol
    That ad is too funny. Sometimes I read the ads, too. Makes for a good laugh.

  5. Aah...another Craigslist lover. I swear it's part of my daily routine. I found some of the funniest shit ever on that site (and some useful stuff too ;)

  6. THAT is hysterical.


    mmmmmmmmmmmm......cervesa's and tacos. I love me some cinco de mayo!!

  7. For a minute I was really wondering if the penguin were real...I need more Corona.

    Hey, thanks for stopping by! I have met more Janet's blogging than at any other point in my life.

  8. wowzers...I have been gone so long I didn't even know you had moved...so sorry about that. I will be back to catch up on everything soon...just wanted to pop in and say hi. I have been struggling lately..and this made sound odd...but you have been on my mind a lot lately...you have inspired me in ways I don't imagine you even know...so thanks for that.

  9. Oh my gosh, that is funny!

  10. That craigslist ad is hilarious. Did you know I once found my husband's cousin and his wife on there trolling for anonymous sex? I laughed for days.

  11. Oh how I love Craiglist!

    And oh how i've missed you...finally catching up on GR after being out of town!



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