Friday, May 9, 2008

Haiku- A Mother's Gift

Haiku Friday

You're truly a gift
The shine in your eyes, your hugs
And in your bright smile

You're truly a gift
"The best little girl I know
In the whole wide world"

A blooming flower
Starting off small, innocent
You emerged slowly

Dandelion fire
Strong and proud, bright as the sun
Nothing can stop you

Watching you mature
Watching you find your footing
Blooming beautiful

Through your eyes I see
A love that's never ending
Love, so pure, so real

My heart bursts for you
The joy, immeasurable
Finding your own way

And with a small wind
One day, you'll fly to the world
Truly, you're my gift

No matter how far
Curiosity takes you
I'm always here, love

Here to protect you
From the elements of life
Always your mother

With many layers
my love grows as you emerge
beautiful flower

As you continue
this amazing journey, life
Know I'm always here

You've given me hope
You've helped me to love again
You're truly my gift

Finally a day
I can enjoy Mother's Day
You're truly my gift!

I love you my Fa
I thank you for being you
Thank you for this gift.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic ... that is beautiful.

  2. Breathtaking.
    Love it.
    You Rock Mama
    Happy Mother's Day

  3. well crap.... i need to find some tissues.

    you, my friend, are a writer.

    Hugs to you.

  4. the perfect mother's day 'ku.

    happy mother's day to you, my friend.

  5. oh my gosh. JJ. The beauty of this. It was powerful, vivid, gorgeous.
    Beautiful honey.

  6. What a great tribute to your role as her mom. And, how wonderful that she has you for a mom.

  7. THAT is beautiful. I'm so glad you've been blessed with such a bright and special little girl. ENJOY your day, love.

  8. Happy Mother's Day! I am always so touched by your words for Fa. I hope you are keeping up with all your blog posts about her; she will love reading them one of these days!

  9. That was lovely. I feel the same way - I am so lucky to be a mother to my two.

  10. Beautiful, JJ!

    You are a very talented lady!
    Happy Mother's Day!


  11. "And with a small wind
    One day, you'll fly to the world
    Truly, you're my gift"

    *big, big sigh*

  12. What a lovely tribute!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day!

  13. hi JJ,
    i love this and especially this part .. "No matter how far
    Curiosity takes you
    I'm always here, love."

    glad she touched your life in such an amazing way :)

    thanks for coming by :)

    blessings this mama's day, kathleen


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