Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Arrivals

Day one was amazing! They are eating like pigs. Do caterpillars eat like pigs? As you might have guessed, Fa is beside herself with joy.

They start out small and just get juicier and juicier as the seconds pass.

Some of you may remember us doing this last year. I can't link back. It's on a blog that I have locked.

We're doing it again this year, and I must say, with Fa a year older it just gets better and better. She is having a blast. Plus they are doing this in her pre-school class she's getting it in two places.

She already has her magnifying glass sitting next to the container ready to go. She checks on them regularly and is amazed by how quickly they change.

This is where I purchased them. You can buy a wide range of projects like ladybugs, frogs and even these. I had those as a class pet when I actually had a classroom. I'm thinking of getting one for here too.

The site comes with plenty of research information and activities to enhance the observations...We just have fun and watch. She's still too little to keep a journal and track their changes on paper. So for now..we'll just keep watching.

Hope you come along for the ride!


  1. You are SUCH a good mom and teacher - I just can't get past the 'ick' factor. I hope Miss E never gets wind of this project lol!

  2. what fun! I am leaving in a couple of days and won't be back till June 9th, but I will check out your archives when I get back....My son and I did this not long ago...but my mom purchased hers from a butterfly class that she took him to. So she just brought the caterpillar home in a 2 liter soda bottle made into a butterfly habitat.....It took ours a little longer than normal to come out of its chrysallis. (I think that is what you call it?) But when it finally came out, it was so exciting....It was sad to watch it fly away.....but it was BEAUTIFUL!

    I'll check you out again when I return!

    Have fun with Fa!

    God Bless,

  3. Awesome! I will have to check that place out. You know what I want to raise? A praying mantis! I guess I could capture one out here somewhere (they are everywhere in my yard in the summer), but I'm afraid a completely wild one will die on me.

    I also want an aquarium with a freshwater stingray.

  4. Wow that's awesome. Thanks for the links. I was wondering what the butterfly box was all about. Looks like a great project for my Sugarplum. I like the ladybug one too.. can't say I'd be able to do much with the cockroaches though.

  5. we have raised the tadpoles into frogs. I think every kid should do that. We fed them for a while, then it started getting chilly and we couldn't find the bugs for them anymore, so we took them to a little local place called "frog pond" and turned them loose.

  6. Outstanding.

    I have a feeling this time is going to be even more enjoyable - especially for you and Fa.

  7. this looks INCREDIBLE!!

    i wish roo-girl was still young enough to get a kick out of this. guess i'll get my vicarious jollies through you and fa!

  8. When they're ready, can we let them loose in my pants?

  9. The site where you got your butterflies? It ought to come with a warning.
    My EX-husband thrilled my kids with a frog hatchery kit THIRTEEN years ago. Two of them made it past the tadpole stage and are still living today.
    Not that the kids care - I am the sole caretaker.
    Butterflies - better idea. You let them go!!!

  10. Too cool! We are watching nature OUTSIDE hehe I hate bugs but I am so trying not to show that to the kids!


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