Thursday, June 19, 2008

How did I not know about this?

Why on earth did this one slip through my crack, uhm fingers?

I found it last night. But The Pro was already in the throes of the Yankee Game and we were already in bed and there was NO changing the channel, the room (I'm lazy) or his mind.

I'm ashamed of myself.

NOW I have to watch the full episodes online. Which isn't all that bad. But really who has time for this...DvR here I come.

Get a load of the acts.

I did force The Pro to watch Antonio do his hand balancing act. Holy crap. Those pecks.

I did not see Christopher Knight light himself on fire yet. Oh Don't worry, I'm okay. I'll see it online.

How dare you?

Still looks like Peter to me.

And it seems the rest of the cast is already leaving quickly. I don't even know when this started? How long it will last? How did this happen? I missed a goofy reality show and no one told me.

Remember this show?

With these celebrities doing death defying stunts like horseback riding and high wire acts?

Isn't that the chick from Eight is Enough?

I am pheclempt. I am in need of my circus fix. Don't call me, I'll be in the basement catching up.


  1. hahaha almost makes me want to get cable ... almost! Long live the internet!

  2. hahaha almost makes me want to get cable ... almost! Long live the internet!

  3. hahaha almost makes me want to get cable ... almost! Long live the internet!

  4. You're so funny!
    And yes, that is the chick from Eight is Enough...and Different Strokes too!
    I had forgotten all about Circus of the Stars.......I used to love all of the shows like that.

    And you are right, he still looks just like Peter Brady....."Mom always said, don't play ball in the house!";)

  5. g/friend, you TOTALLY need an intervention here.

    i'm a dedicated reality show freak, but that one? gave me the head shakes.

  6. I remember circus of the stars, too. Who knew they'd revive THAT in another form! And he does still look like Peter. I caught a reality show a few years ago of Christopher Knight and his girlfriend/wife/fiance/whatever she was getting relationship advice from Florence Henderson. Messed with my mind, it did.

  7. I've seen the promos for this "Celebrity Circus," but I've never watched an episode. If Rachel Hunter has already been kicked off, I won't even bother.

    That indeed is the "chick" from "Eight Is Enough." I can't remember what show the guy in that picture is from, though.

  8. LOL...somethin else to take up time?!

  9. please let me know when Antonio does his penis-balancing act, okay?


  10. I watched it - and the acts were great. The judging just turned me off. If I watch it again I'll have to record it and fast forward through that part.

  11. I heard about this one!!!!

    And yup that's the chick from eight is enough and the girl from different strokes who robbed the laundromat. hehe.

  12. Heh, I've been watching! The other night Joey Fatone actually called Christopher Knight "Peter Brady". I am not sure if that was on purpose or not. I always refer to him as Peter Brady!

    I vaguely remember Circus of the Stars. But not as much as I remember that high-school-field-day inspired mess which was "Battle of the Network Stars". Do you remember that one?

    And yes, that is one of the women from Eight is Enough. The other girl was the one from Diff'rent Strokes, I think.


  13. Ok...when I saw the top of your post, COTS was the first thing I thought of...and then you brought it back. I feel sooo old.


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