Monday, July 28, 2008

How we fell in love....part one. Our First Trip.

I remember how excited I was to be going away to California with you. Our first trip together. It was 1997. We were dating about a year. The nervous excitement I felt was crazy.

Would we get along? Would we get sick of each other? Would I want to run?

Hell Yes. No. No.

We had a blast. We were all over Northern California. I found my new favorite place. And I found my new favorite person. We visited so many sights. We were tireless.

It was fun touring Alcatraz. And pretending to be inmates.

We hung out at Pebble Beach. And listened for sea lions.

We toured a zillion different wineries.

And got tanked.

Maybe it was the beautiful scenery.

Or the amount of time we pondered raw, Irish Pizza.

Maybe I was dizzy from being on Lombard Street and trying so hard not to topple over on those steep inclines. But no. That wasn't it.

It was the way you never got tired of me wanting to go over the Golden Gate Bridge "just one more time."

It was the way you took me all over (and under) that bridge because you knew I loved it so much.

It was the way you made me feel special and the way California became "Our Special Place".

I'll never forget that.


  1. That is just so sweet....**sigh**

  2. That's such a sweet post. And THAT makes me want to go to San Francisco! Did you ever try the raw pizza?

  3. You do realize that driving more than three hours alone together is like THE BIGGEST RELATIONSHIP TEST EVER!?!?!?!?!

    Nice post!

  4. I got a NAPA wine tour that hits 12wineries in one day and a heated mineral water swimming pool after. Talk about!!

  5. I love these stories. More please ?

  6. Wow.

    That's outstanding ... and great pictures.

  7. well, crap, now I wanna go there again. If Mark can't go, you wanna go with?

    Except that raw pizza bit. I may need to pass om that.

  8. You look hot on the beach! Did you guys ever walk or bike across the bridge? That's pretty fun too.

  9. Very sweet post!
    And you, JJ, are very beautiful!
    I'm looking forward now to part 2.

    San Francisco is my mother's favorite place; she wants to live there so badly. I have never been, but hope to one day.

    And hopefully, with any luck, I will look as good as you did while listening for the sea lions.:)

    God Bless,

  10. That is one sweet post. Boy you are thin. I keep seeing all these thin bloggers I am fat and jealous

  11. How romantic!

    We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary with a trip to San Fran in Sept. I can't wait.

  12. *snob* so sweet ... love it. love you guys.

  13. OMG. I love this so much!!! What a sweet post. I'm off to read more!

  14. those are such precious memories. (Whenever you get mad at him, make sure you pull up your post and read it over.)

  15. I had to visit you after seeing you on plurk and for your sweet comment this morning at my place.

    This is a GREAT story. I came over to read the most recent post and HAD to start at the beginning. I'll have to come back and read the rest, the Hubs is pestering me to clean the bloody house. Pah.


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