Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm so talented

Celebrating the Pro's birthday was fun. He enjoyed his present: 'Landscaping done for him until the end of the summer'. He said it was the best present he's ever gotten. Yay me.

I got brave and I actually tried to bake a cake. A real one. From a box. But nonetheless edible and frosted.


Nom Nom Nom
Way better than last year's Birthday Blunder which started out alright:

But ended up looking like frosted crap.


And since I had a whole entire year to contemplate my baking errors...I got creative.

I know. I know. You are amazed at my bakin' skillz.

He was too.

I am even quite the resourceful one when I can't find a piping head that works with the crap-tastic red piping that I bought without reading the label. It was missing a plastic head that piped out the red frosting in a thick tube to make the baseball stitiching...So what did I do you ask?

Thank goodness Fa takes her meds from a spoon now. Looks like something from a horror movie.

Should I start a business? Heh Heh.


  1. so i must say that cake is the only thing I cannot eat during this pregnancy. Makes.Me.Gag. But... I am a huge baseball fan.

    So I am torn.


  2. And the winner for best creative use of a medicine plunger... 'JJ, The Laundress!'

    The cake turned out adorable and I am so impressed with your McGyver style ingenuity for frosting decoration application :-)

    I bet it tasted as good as it looked! It's amazing the difference a year can make :-)

  3. FABULOUS!!!! You are wicked awesome for using the syringe!!! I totally could have used such an idea this weekend!! You go girl. Glad the birthday was a hit!

  4. What a great idea! I would have used a ziploc bag and cut off a corner but your idea is so much better for story telling!!!

  5. i bow to your cake-decorating abilities...

  6. I have always believed that how a cake tastes is much more important than how it looks.

    After all, it's not like you're going to sit it on the mantle and look at it. You're going to EAT it.

  7. Creative and resourceful, indeed. Mmmm, cake!

  8. You are so funny!:)
    I have had to retire from baking cakes (which I love to eat), and resort to Birthday "Cookies" instead.:) I apparently lack baking skills.....but I am rocking at my computer hacking and blogging skills.....You know how guys like girls with skills.;)

    Your creativity and resourcefulness amaze me!:) Not to mention your brilliant Haiku skills.:)

  9. I thought I couldn't like you any more than I do -- and then you posted last years cake and I thought: she's my hero!


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