Monday, September 8, 2008

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Game one.

We beat the other team by 9 points. 9 points!

Our soccer team kicks ass!

The other team got two measly points. Guess who scored their first goal?


Then after I almost kicked some douche bag father in the neck for making a sly comment, his daughter scored the other team their second goal. Ha. Sweet karma, baby.

So it's official. In just 48 hours, I have become "A soccer mom".

Hold me.


  1. It'll be ok really it will now get into your SUV and make me some tang

  2. Psst....even I was a soccer mom at one time. Can you believe that? Not only that, but I coached my sons' teams! I didn't really look the part, but I was one, nonetheless. I like to think that I kind of reinvented the term for myself. I know you are one kick-ass soccer mom :)

  3. hahah Soccer mom!!!! Too cute! No brawling though!

  4. that is to funny, go soccer mom go!!!! hehehehehe

  5. You won't completely cross over to the dark side until you yell to your daughter on the field, "Take her down!" In my defense...I MEANT to say "Chase her down." NICE!

    The other parents teased me mercilessly for this....after I screamed (repeatedly) "Chase! I mean CHASE!!!!!" have arrived!

  6. yay, fa!!!

    are you the snack mom next week?

  7. I'll be there in the fall. thank you for reminding me about karma, because I probably would have belted that guy. The Mountain Man used to coach and ref (in the years before kids) so he's going to coach again because he doesn't want any of the other idiots anywhere near our kids. It astounds me how many of the coaches expect Olympic performances from 5 year olds.

  8. Well, it could be could be a hockey mom.

  9. So, when's the minivan arrive???

    Yeah for Fa....


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