Thursday, August 6, 2009



I can't quit you.

I have a blogging account. I have a personal account.

I am addicted to the latter.

On the upside, I have reconnected with some really cool people from my past that I have truly missed. I have gathered them under my wing and let them know how sorry I am for losing them in the first place. I have made great efforts to keep them close.

It is nice to catch up.

However, why do the people I DON'T want to befriend hound me?

I've ignored your request to play wordscramble once. How many times do I have to ignore you before I have to block you totally?

I love seeing friend's pictures. I love reading their updates.

But I have a life, no?

How do I incorporate real life into facelife?

This is the dilemma?

How will I continue the love affair once work starts up again? The major dilemma.

I can't lose those people all over again. Really.

How do you mange your internets and your reality?


  1. I manage my blog.
    I can't do facebook too.
    There just isn't enough time in the day.
    I don't do facebook.

  2. It's not easy, and I have no idea how I'll do it when I get back to work (in TWO FREAKING WEEKS). Aargh.

  3. manage my internet and my reality???


    yeah, sure.

  4. Yes. Exactly. I finally started hitting "Block Application" when available. I'm weaning myself off Farm Town. I've hidden friends who write flaming status updates.
    But I love that I found so many old friends, including friends of my MOM!!!! So they got reconnected. So for that it was worth it. But I prefer blogging.

  5. hehe ... I am addicted to fb too, although I stay away from the games ... have missed you!

  6. facebook. yes. I had to sell the farm.


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