Thursday, November 18, 2010

Workin' like a dog...

Working Class Dog
Rick Springfield 1981

So... that's exactly what I've been doin' thankyouverymuch. Workin. Like. A. Dog.
I know my usual readers have forgotten me. But I still browse you now and again. Hi.

I've been freakishly busy and hatin' it.

But in the process, I'm reading. Good books.

The most recent. Rick Springfield's  new book "Late Late at Night"! God, I love this guy.
He was a HUUUUUGE crush back when I was a little girl. And I gotta tell ya, I'm still crushin. He's adorable. (Does he want to be called that?) Too bad. I think he is. A.Dor.A.Ble.

He's so honest and up front and so real. SO REAL. Love that.

I've also indulged in the two Russel Brand Book(y)s. I adore him too. Yum.

So, I am finding time to read escape this busy life I've made for myself. Yet, I can't find time to enjoy it.

I am also loving 1st grade. I mean...I'm not loving it personally, for myself. I'm loving it for my little girl. Who happens to be rocking first grade.

I'm getting by in 4th grade. Literally.

Fa is thriving. Loving life. I am vicariously living through her eyes. For many reasons.
1) Her eyes are gorgeous.
2) Her fresh look is just that, refreshing.
3) I wish I was her. (She's an amazing person)
4) She helps me to relive a little childhood. Something I've never really wanted to do before. Her gorgeous eyes are little windows to her childlike wonder. I envy that in her. Yet I adore it all at the same time.

I love her for that.

She makes my heart smile.

She makes my soul breathe.

She is my best little girl.

I hope one day she will know that everything I do...(even when I hate doing it) I do it for her.

Because workin' like a dog, is all worthwhile when I see how happy she is.

I've gotten some new represent my love for her.
One looks like this:

And the other:

All symbols of the deep deep love that she has inked into my heart.

My life is for her. Happy or sad. Good or bad. 

All for her.

So, I work like a dog to provide. While sneaking bits of joy when I can.

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  1. I loved Rick Springfield. I went to see that movie twice. By myself. Paid full price.

    We are rocking first grade as well. Or we were until it started snowing and didn't stop.

    Love love love the beautiful artwork. Someday . . .

    I will have a new post in the morning - like you, I imagine everyone has forgotten me. But I'm going to be back this year. I think.


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