Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Off

No really, I'm off.

From work.

For a whole 5 days. + the weekends. Do they count?

I want to accomplish so much. I will get to do nothing. I'll sit. I'll veg. I'll do the laundry. The piles are deafening.

I'm off my rocker too.

So much in my head.

My daughter thinks I'm looney. In a good way. I think.

She laughs very hard at me. Most of the time. In a good way. I think.

This week, I plan to do a lot to entertain her. Ice skating. Roller skating. The mall. Wait. That one's for me. I will try my hardest not to be a lazy ass.

My nature is to be a lazy ass. My nurture says otherwise.

So this week. My winter break. I will entertain my daughter. Myself, and maybe even my husband. (If he's lucky.)
Prolly not.

My plans will be conquered. My goals will be met. Wait. I have work to do too. Will I do it? Nope. My bag will remain in my car the entire week. Then Monday I will drive to work staring at the bag. Wishing I would have been a tiny bit motivated.

Oh well. I'm only doing my best. My best may not be good enough. But it's MY best. Not anyone elses.

I'm off.

Why can't I just be a lazy ass anyway?


  1. Dude, be a lazy ass. Everybody needs a break. I think we've got to give up on all the things we "should" do because they are making us feel BAD!

    Or, at least they're making me feel bad.

  2. Cut yourself some slack. You'll do it all. But you also need time to rest and veg -- we all do!

  3. it's nearly Thursday -- what have you done this week already????


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