Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bucket Wha?

Am I supposed to have a bucket list?
All the things I want to do/accomplish before I'm 40?

I don't have one.

I don't even have a bucket item.

I'm just perfectly fine in my suburban life. My daughter. My husband. My cat. My home. My (feh.) Job.

What more can I ask for?

I've lost so much in my life. I'm finally content where I am. Why do I need a bucket list?

I don't want to travel.

I don't want to meet anyone famous. (Except Russel Brand and maybe Johnny Depp)

I don't want to DO anything in particular. (Except Russel Brand and maybe Johnny Depp)

I'm perfectly fine.

Why ruin a good thing?

I have one more year until I'm 40. One more year to potentially create a bucket list. I love lists why haven't I created one before?

Any suggestions? Do you have a bucket list?

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