Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb Photo A Day

Day 6: Dinner

Roasted Pepper and Eggplant with Spelt

I'm torn. Since I don't cook, this was a difficult one to procure. But, I did a cleanse a few weeks ago and the way it worked was this neighborhood health food store provided Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Along with those cayenne juices that cleansed the body.

It was the best cleanse I've ever done. I felt great afterwards. And if you know anything about my cleansing experiences you know that I've tried many and have never been truly satisfied with them.

SO this dinner was the BEST dinner I had ever had on a cleanse.

On a totally different topic.
My blog is old.
I have links and such that just don't work anymore. Do I ignore them? Do I laboriously go through each and every one to delete/remedy them? Or do I just go about my business continuing on with new posts?

What to do?


  1. Dinner looks fabulous!!! And I understand about the pic being hard to produce... Hubby had a work dinner and the little one wasn't feeling well, so it was just soup for her. Was going to just have lots of little junk...but because I needed a pic, I figured I'd better actually make something. Guess it was a good thing we had that prompt! haha. ~J @

  2. Dinner looks good!

    Old links? I'd just check a few a day or something and kind of clean them up little by little.


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