Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm 40 Today

I haven't really said it out loud to many people. I'm still in denial.

 Most days I feel 21. Some days I feel 80. Today, I'm just happy to be here.

 I've seen so many people my age not make it past 40 that I just feel grateful that I'm here.

 I'm struggling, yes. I am trying to *still* find my way. But I'm here and I'm a mom and a wife and a friend and a daughter and a niece and I am grateful for that today.

 Tomorrow, I'll be cranky again.

 But today. I'm 40.

 And my family showed me love, undeniably awesome, and made me feel special. And my husband has been my angel so many times, today is just another one of those times.

 I've received phone calls and texts and emails and facebook posts from friends and they showed me love.

And I feel joy.

Happy Birthday to me.

Is someone watching me?

Oh! By the way. On my 40th bday, this post was featured on by Kathy M., the moderator there. Here's the link to the amazing "share your story" segments of her website. Her writeup about my Postpartum experiences makes me proud to be a part of her internet home...if you need help, you can always start there for info...

Enjoy your day. I did.


  1. Happy Birthday! So glad to hear that you had a good day, too!

  2. Ahhh! So you found time to write your birthday post. ;-)
    40 has been good to me so far. I think you'll be just fine.


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