Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm doing it on instagram

So I'm doing #Febphotoaday on Instagram. I love instagram. Makes every photo a masterpiece.
Here's the first three of the month.

Day One: My View
Very worried about sick baby kitty

Day Two: Words
Still afraid baby is sick
Day Three: Hands
I know they're technically paws but my baby kitty is very sick and I want him better

Baby kitteh has gotten himself some serious stomach bug and has been in the hospital since Wednesday. I miss him and I'm waiting for him to come home.  His big brothers and Big sister are very worried for him.


  1. oh dear!
    Several years back our kitty got terribly ill and the young vet told me that the cat would not make it. So I took her home and she got well. She is still here bugging me morning noon and night.

    Get well kitty!

  2. I love instagram. Many of my pics for my 366 challenge have been those. :) Aw, poor kitty!! Hope he will be able to come home soon!


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