Thursday, March 1, 2012

So I expected...

Ya know. When ya turn a new decade and yer life feels like its in the shitter and you just can't believe you got this far and feel this low. You kinda expect to squeeze into the new decade kinda like this guys face:

But. Everything's the same.

I feel the same. My job still sucks. I am still stuck in a rotten situation at work that I can't get out of and I am the same person as yesterday. Crying during my commute.

Big whoop.

Why did I work myself up into a frenzy.

Yes, I need to make a change. And I don't yet know what that change is.
Yes, I need to maintain balance in this life and continue to find joy in the small stuff.
Yes, I have the greatest little girl and husband in the whole wide world.
Yes, I know.

But at least I don't  look like this guy.


  1. I wish you lived closer than NY. Would love to get together with you and sift through the laundry.
    Until then, I'll be praying for you - asking God to help you make the change, maintain the balance, and find the joy.

    Love to you,

  2. So... I am almost EXACTLY a year younger than you.
    I'm actually pretty happy to be 39. For some reason 39 seems to me to be a cool age to be.
    Talk to me again next year when I'm entering that next decade.

    There is a lot to be grateful for though. Great little girls and hubbies especially!

  3. Well....not looking like that guy is definitely something to be glad of :)

    I'm going through my own rough patch right now, so I'm sure I'm not much in the way of encouragement. But things have to look up sometime.



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