Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here I go again...

I promise...The next time I switch things up, I'm quitting blogging for good!

Thanks for following me here...again.

I don't really know what I'm doing, but I do know that I like blogger way better than free Wordpress...And I ain't payin' to blog.

So here I go again.

I think part of me starting to hate blogging was the whole wordpress thing...I dunno, not my cuppa.

You know?

I'm starting fresh once more...I'm still trying to figure out some what to do with WP now and how to make you think I'm not a psycho for switching things up so much and what to do with all the posts I really like at the WP place....Gah....What did I do?

So, thanks for being here...if you are at all.


  1. I'd follow you to the ends of the world. Unless the end of the world doesn't have running water and electricity. Then, well, ummm...

    Just don't go to the end of the earth, k?


  2. I was trying out WordPress too.... but never really switched and I marked the blog as private while I played around. I opened the account, and imported all my blogger posts. I thought I might be the only one out there that just didn't enjoy WP (again, at least the free version... and I'm not paying to blog either). So, I never actually opened the other blog up to public... and here I am still with my blogspot. I don't blame you at all for switching again.

  3. Thanks for inviting me to your new home! Nice place. You need to do some laundry, though. ;-)

  4. Welcome back! I understand, you can't know if you will like it until you try it. Good for you for realizing it was hindering your blogging and taking action.

  5. The free version of WP is quite limiting ... I am just glad you are not quitting blogging!! I need you!

  6. I'm here. Thanks for trying out WP for me! I mean, now I don't have to switch only to find out I'd rather be back on Blogger. Blogger is SO easy to use, and I would only change a couple of little things. It's worth sticking with...I think.

  7. Welcome back! Blogger isn't perfect, but it's pretty damn good for the price. I'd like to own my own domain, but who wants to pay for hosting and wordpress? Not this poor blogger!

  8. I'm here, I'm here!! I'll even switch you over in my reader, which is a pain in the a$$ cuz it takes me at least like, you know, 30 seconds. I must really love you!!

  9. Welcome back to ol' blogger. :-) Re: my latest post: She decided that cat poop and dog poop do not need to be in my mom's flower beds, so she made a sign telling them so.

    Silly girl!

  10. I turned my WP blog private and just left it.

  11. Welcome back? I thought WP had more bells and whistles than blogger, but what do I know? I can't figure out how to add those cool widgets or pictures or anything cool, other than what I have listed. So my lesson? I might be just fine where I am...and I need some patience. Maybe it's buried in the laundry basket in Big Sister's room with her clean clothes?

  12. hey JJ,
    i'm here girl. i'm sticking with you and i don't think it is psycho to just try to find a blog program that you feel comfy with.

    welcome to your new home, kathleen :)

  13. Good to see you posting again! Maybe being in a place you like better will inspire you to blog/journal more often. I love self-hosted WP, but was NOT a fan of

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Oh, and you may be able to import all your WP entries....I am not entirely sure, though.

  15. honey, as long as you keep blogging, i'll follow you wherever.


  16. If blogger would just sort out some very minor things I'd be 100% happy - I have been poking around wordpress myself, not convinced that I'd be better off, so I've stayed put, for now.

    I don't think you're psycho at all!

  17. I woulda followed you anywhere... but, it took me a while to catch up! ha

    I actually LOVE Blogger now, but it's taken A LOT of time to figure that out.

    Welcome back to Blogger!! and back to me ~xo

    NYC! you mean it!

  18. I have been in a blogging slump of late myself!

    Glad to see you have come back over to the dark side! Blogger is like think you can quit it...and then it sucks you right back in! (hee-hee)

  19. Just wanted to say thanks...I sat here and read everything. Will be back again soon. You do inspire me.....thanks for that.


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