Monday, March 31, 2008

Why I love my daughter

In the shower today as I'm washing her hair (we shower together some days):

Her: Mommy, your belly button has boobies.

Me (looking down past my button): Thanks for noticing.

(I used to have a six pack I have udders.)

Leave it to the kid to make note.


  1. *snickers*
    Honesty is so innocent!

  2. I'm sorry to giggle at your expense, but your daughter's comment reminds me of the time that my daughter pointed to my tummy and said, "Mommy, why do you have a bum there?"--I had a vertical c section and have a scar along with some chub, so it could technically look like a bum, I suppose...

  3. And wait til you have grandkids! They don't miss a thing either.

  4. Haha. And I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you because I have udders also. You've gotta love kids. First they ruin* out bodies and then they point it out to us in the plainest of terms.

    *and by ruin I just mean change in new and exciting ways.

  5. Ha!!!

    Also, I voted in your poll that you ARE crazy, but only because I love you.

  6. Love daughters! My youngest is the most curious- when she was about as tall as my belly, she was examing my pubic hair asking if there are any gray like on my head. And no, laundry in this house never done. The full basket is waiting for me on the stairs!

  7. I didn't have a six pack but I had a beautimous plain of flatness.

    Now I have jelly and cottage cheese. Pisses me off.

  8. LOL! I have udders, too. Never had a six pack, but I did have a waist at one point in my life. And slim hips. Gah. I can't wait to win the lottery and have all my problems corrected!

  9. I'm there.
    I love this.
    Adore you.
    'nuff said.

  10. Is it wrong that I'm kinda giggling?

    If it is wrong, I am SO NOT laughing.

    If it isn't wrong that I am laughing, then giggle giggle giggle.

  11. That is so funny!
    I love how kids just call things like they see them....I know mine sure did when they were little.
    Thanks for the giggles this morning.:)
    Also, thank you for the sweet comment you left me.....Hanging out with kids all day, I don't get compliments much; I mostly just get complaints.:)
    So thank you, you made my day!


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