Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Frisk it, Frisk it Good

It's that time again ladies (and gents)!

Now if you're a total tool and can't learn from the educational aspects of the following clips...Leave.

The woman talking in the clips is using a special 'breast check device' on the "men's check" video. Seems user friendly...And I think it's used for men and women...But if you are in the shower, I believe it serves the same purpose. If you've used one of these before, I'd love to hear about it.

Women's Check:

Men's Self Check...Yes, you too should check.

Go ahead. Begin.


  1. Good information to have....I had a scare last year myself....We have never thought about my husband's "breasts" so I will show him this tonight....He will probably be more than willing to have me "help" him.;)

    Have a great day,
    email amahoney8169@gmail.com

  2. oddly my doctor failed to frisk me at this last appointment. hmm when I go back I am so demanding he touch my boobies.


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