Friday, April 11, 2008


Haiku Friday

Thank God it's Friday
I used to love that saying
When I had paycheck

Now, oh my, Friday.
Just like any other day
No money earned here

Just working for hugs
a random kiss here and there
Mother's love, priceless

No paycheck out there
is worth seeing my daughter
grow independent

I'm a lucky chick
Wrapped in love from family
What more can you ask?

Oh! And MNO
with some moms, planned for tonght
Mom bonding, the best!

Parenting center
Why didn't I think of this
sooner than later?

A place to vent some,
meet some moms in your same place
Know some already!

Coincidence, yes?
Or just the right time and place?
Friendships being made?

I could use it now.
My confidence is growing
as Mom and Woman!

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  1. Being a mom is the best! And having mommy friends is essential.

    Happy Friday!

  2. yeah for MNO and the parenting center!

    hope this brings the friendships you deserve.

  3. Will work for hugs and kisses. Umm hmm. That's sweet, and a great haiku series. :)

  4. Happy Friday!

    (aah, if only I could forego the paycheck for kisses from my kids)

  5. I like working for hugs and kisses. But I still look forward to Fridays since the husband comes home for two whole glorious days to "help" ... I need to make some friends :(

  6. That was so well expressed. And, I totally agree. The paychecks we get are worth more than currency. Have fun at your mommy's night.

  7. i think what i miss the most right now are mommy friends. i've made several online and as great and wonderful as they are i need to find some here.

    great ku

  8. I loved this haiku! I sometimes miss the excitement that used to come with Friday evenings, but I definitely would not change a thing about my life. It is perfect!
    That being said, a mommy's night is a great idea! Even mommy's need a night away once in a while.
    Have fun!

  9. Have a great time! It's about time you met some moms in similar 'places'. I can't wait to hear all about it1

  10. glad to hear you are making friends.
    Also, I'm glad you are home with fa.
    I sure wish I'd stayed home when mine were kids. All those paychecks mean nothing now.

    (ps. I did some haiku on thursday .. well, I tried)

  11. I think your Friday rewards now are far more valuable than any paycheck.

    Great stuff.


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