Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nothing so far

It's been a few days since 'day ten' and they are just hanging in their pupa. pupas, pupi?

We had a little accident on Friday and Fa slipped off her chair and made the netting go plop. One guy projectiled fell off the cover and is now laying on a leaf. Not sure if anyone is mortally wounded or just in shock.

Fa was collecting leaves and flowers for them and when she was putting them inside the netting...slap, drop, roll...

It is officially, day 16 but really, nothing has happened. So I have nothing to report just yet.

I don't remember it taking this long from 'pupa to wings' last year. But what does my memory serve me anyway? Nada.


  1. Hey there, Thought I would pop in and catch up on everything I have missed. Glad I did as I remember when you did this last year too. Hope you don't mind if I sit a spell and get caught up. I promise to not fill your comment box (as I do tend to be a chatter box)..

    Missed ya and glad to be back.

  2. I'm sure he/she is fine. After all, if they were out in the wild, they'd be subject to wind, etc. Those cocoons are designed to protect as well as nurture. And if I'm wrong, don't tell me. It's all much happier that way.

  3. I'm sure the one on the leaf will be fine.

  4. Wonder what they gonna taste like?

    You're gonna invite me over, right??

    I'm just followin' you everywhere

  5. eeeps! Hope Fa was ok!

    Poor little caterpillar!

  6. eeeps! Hope Fa was ok!

    Poor little caterpillar!


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