Tuesday, May 27, 2008


How fast they are changing.

This first picture is 'day ten' in the morning. Notice, they are all up top but not all of them are enveloped in the chrysalis.

Here's 'day ten' after school.
Now, we have four chrysalis and one ready to make hers.

I'm amazed at how fast things start to move in the chrysalis weaving stage.

Here, they are all warm and cozy pupa. Or is it pupas, pupi?

I removed them from the container and taped the cover to the netting of the Butterfly Garden.
Since they ate all the paper, I had to keep them on the plastic cover as well.

Enjoy your new home for a while guys.


  1. they appear so bizarre hanging there on that lid.

  2. i'm so totally fascinated by this! where i grew up we used to see tons of pupas/pupi in trees, etc. around our house. but we never got to see them through the whole process.

    very cool! (and i'm glad Earl is safe...for now!)

  3. I see the solution to eating all of the paper now. Well done.

  4. OOoooo how long till we see butterflies?!?!?

  5. I'm ready for the butterflies. Those things are getting nasty looking. And I like catepillars!

  6. I am betting Fa is LOVING watching all this come to fruition!

    Can't wait to see them when they become butterflies!

  7. So cool! We did that last year and I actually got obsessed with the little fuckers. I set up my camcorder all night because I was so afraid I would miss then hatching. I need a life!

  8. This is really fascinating to watch. It's ALMOST like being there. I will definitely get one of these next year. Thanks!
    (And, yeah, what about Earl? I always feel empathy for the underdog, er, pillar.


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