Friday, May 23, 2008

Ode to Rabble Rousers in Haiku

Haiku Friday

Meanies and Bullies
Never saw such hellions
change to that beauty

Earl is a good guy
Why are you pickin' on him?
What'd he do to you?

Where did you come from?
Pupa Penitentiary?
Butterfly Bullies!

You were so tiny
Every day you got bigger
Now, you're just so mean!

Like a bad movie
You are outgrowing your cup
Butterfly Zombies?

These sucka's are total hellions. Meanies and hellions, I tell you.

There's paper underneath the lid of the cup so they can attach themselves to it and I can then take the paper and move it to the Butterfly Netting. There is where they emerge from their pupa.

"Oooh, this paper is yummy. Plus it makes Earl twitch. Let's bust chops."

"Loogit him he's loosening up....Get 'em Bobbie!"

"Hey, leave me be, can't you see I'm working on my pupa here?"

"Hee hee, he said Poopa...Snort."

"C'mon guys can't you let me be...hey, hey, wait don't do .....ahhhhhhhhhh."

Look at what they did to Earl. They totally loosened him from his perch on the paper and now he's hanging by a literal thread.


They ate all the paper!

What the hell?

Poor Earl.


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  1. HA! I love it! Greta first person narration about ousting Earl from his post.

    Happy Friday!

  2. that is very, very not nice. i've got a tokay over here who'd take out those bad boys! :)

  3. COmpletely like a country song.

    Earl had to die..... except in the song, Earl was a wife beating husband.

  4. haha!
    You should totally narrate for nature shows! hehe

    Caterpillar Canyon - Who will be the first to beat up Earl?

  5. That's an awesome haiku.
    Love the narrative and the pictures! Poor Earl.

  6. Flipping bullies!!! So mean!

  7. poor poor earl. that is a sad tale indeed!

    i am sooo loving this series of posts!


    Too funny, also, I love your avatar!


    Too funny, also, I love your avatar!

  10. Poor little Earl. Who knew that caterpillars could be mean?

  11. That's hilarious.

    Not what they did to Earl, but how you told the story.

    How are you going to move them to the butterfly netting if they ate all the paper?

  12. "Calapitter" bullies? My whole view of reality is altered now, I always thought they were just... cute and sweet.

  13. wow...poor Earl! it's always the ones you'd least expect!

    for shame, you bullies!

  14. Oh my gosh, you are awesome. That was an amazing telling of the story of poor Earl. Poor little dude.

  15. Wow. I never considered caterpillars as bloodthirsty monsters before. Who knew? I'll have to go back and read this whole series now...:)

  16. Oh, poor Earl! And, I love that you named him Earl.

  17. What a cool perspective on ‘caterpillars’ … who would have thunk? I loved your creative little story of Earl. Thanks for the chuckles today. I didn’t have time earlier to read many HF posts, but am trying to catch up a bit today. I posted on each blog Friday … multi-tasking as I so often do. HF#41 and HF#42
    Hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend!
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. Oh dear caterpillars! So much uglier than the beautiful butterflies they become. Thanks for visiting me JJ I appreciate it and let the laundry go! :D

  19. It's survival of the fittest baby.....and Earl is not faring well! :)

  20. Awwwww poor Earl...I didn't know catepillars (or future butterflies) could be so

    Poor guy!!


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