Friday, June 13, 2008

Haiku Strength

Haiku Friday

Horrible three weeks
I'm sorry you've been so sick
Getting better now!

I hate to see you
suffering in the least bit.
So strong and healthy

You hardly show pain
I'm sorry I didn't know
Chicken Pox so mild

I'm so proud of you
The things you have been doing
Even while sick

Learning to swim now
Not afraid of the water
fearless and afloat

Hating to come out
of swim class and of our pool
You're trying so hard

Never thought you'd go
Your recital tomorrow
But you're excited

Rehearsal was great
Took the stage like a real pro
Who is this big girl?

Carnival this week
On ev'ry ride big and small
fearless and alive

My heart skips a beat
your fearlessness takes my breath
I stay strong for you

If you see my fear
of letting you go, be free
you may just recoil

Never hold you back
you deserve freedom and fun
I'll always be here

Hard to see you go
have fun without your mommy
LOVE to see you smile

Makes it all worth while
Seeing you careless and free
Stay like that always

I'll help you get there
And when you falter, I'm here
again to hold you


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  1. That was beautiful. You are such a good mommy!

  2. Aww. That was so sweet. Beautiful haiku!

  3. Wonderful Haiku …
    celebrating challenges
    and successes too ;--)

    Hugs and blessings,

  4. yes. they grow up. if you've done your job correctly, they are ready for the big bad world.

    but the desire to hold them tight and keep them safe? that part is NEVER done. ;-)

  5. And now I'm all choked up. That was really awesome and super sweet.

  6. Beautiful.
    You are such an awesome mom!

  7. I'm kind of choked up now...this was really a fabulous post.

  8. Oh no chicken pox! I'm sorry. Poor Fa!

  9. Awww...sounds like the pox didn't slow her down much AT ALL!

    Hope the next three weeks are amazing :)


  10. anglophilefootballfanatic.comJune 13, 2008 at 9:44 PM

    That's what it's all about. You got it, Mom! (Although that doesn't mean we enjoy not being needed as much)

  11. "I'll help you get there
    And when you falter, I'm here
    again to hold you"


    can you imagine if we all held such sentiment?

  12. You are amazing at the haiku! Don't call you the "high priestess of the haiku" fer nothin!

  13. Geez girl, you are so good at these! You should print them off, put them in a book and give it to Fa when she's older. She would treasure it forever.

  14. awh JJ,

    i love that ending, "I'll help you get there And when you falter, I'm here again to hold you"

    i'm touched.

    thanks for the kind words on my bloggy this week. always nice to hear from you.

    hey, i accidentally "nudged" you on twitter the other day. i didn't know what i was doing, so please excuse the nudging, hehe, that sounds funny.

    **hugs** kathleen

  15. Once again, JJ....wonderful job!
    When Fa grows up she will treasure all of these sweet words about her.:)
    What a blessing!

    God Bless,


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