Wednesday, June 11, 2008

GuilTriple Play

So, the first week with the fever and the second week with the pox has passed. Now, we are into our third week.

With an ear infection.

Hold me.

Will this ever end?

Last night was not pretty. She was up most of the night crying and rubbing her ear. Oh! And refusing to take a pain reliever/fever reducer. The joy.

I wound up sleeping in her bed to get her to take her medicine. (Yeah, I'm not above bribery.) I slept on the wooden part of her bed frame. All night. The agony. My back is now screwed.

I really am not complaining. Or searching for pity. Just rationalizing the fact that this is not my fault.

I couldn't stop any of this from happening short of keeping her in a plastic bubble. So why do I feel so bad?
Remember that movie?
I don't know.

I sound like him:
I guess I'll just shower her with love. Makes me feel better. Makes her happy. What more can I really ask for?

Isn't that what a mommy's job is?


  1. there is NOTHING wrong with showering her with love.


    (and when you feel guilty about stuff that ISN'T YOUR FAULT, it's especially helpful!)

  2. Bless your hearts. Hope it's all better soon. (My kids are the opposite - they LOVE the taste of medicine and want it when they aren't actually sick.)

  3. That is definitely a mommy's job....And I do remember that movie with John Travolta......and the Brady Bunch dad.:)
    I hope Fa gets to feeling better soon.
    Thanks for the welcome back comment.....It is good to be home!:)
    God Bless,

  4. "I sound like him"


    Hope Fa feels better soon ... and your back gets better.

  5. Oh baby...I'm sorry. I threw my back out Saturday morning and it's been screwed ever since too...

    and the mommy job?

    absolutely. I don't think that there's a better remedy.

  6. ***owie*** ear infections suuuuuuuck. And shower away mama!!! That's totally what we're here for.

  7. I have been thinking a lot lately about mothering without a mother ... I think we feel it all more deeply like we are taking on multigenerational guilt on. Does that make sense?

    Many hugs.

    Living in a plastic bubble really would not be fun. No butterflies, no dance classes, no beautiful hair blowing in the wind.

    She will feel better soon and the two of you will skip through the world hand in hand again.

  8. Yes, good to shower her with lots and lots of love! The illness and clinginess will pass soon. I feel bad for you about your back, though! Be sure you take some pain reliever, too!


  9. Geeez girl, sounds like the health department needs to quarantine your house!!


    Hope she gets better soon

  10. you'll get through this. and such a cute girraffe pic, JJ.

    it made me go awwwhhh.

    night night, kathleen

  11. Holy crap, back to back punches! Yikes!

    I hope everything gets better soon for Fa and your mommyguilt too!


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