Monday, June 9, 2008


So you know how mommy guilt can totally take over your senses and you begin to start acting like a mental patient?

Yeah, me too.

After the doctor and the confirmation of my ignorance last week, I took Fa to the toy store. I mean really, she's a friggin' trooper. As if suffering through the itchy virus and her mother's inability to...well, mother. PLUS the lab taking about a gallon of blood for further testing etc. I felt horrible.

Don't judge.

I wanted to appease my own sense of guilt. She had no friggin' clue.

So, the toy store.

Took about 30 minutes for Fa to pick just one little, simple, pity-gift from her sorry ass mother.

What did she pick?

Yeah, if you knew my daughter, this would be easy peasy.

Can you figure it out yet?

Maybe my artistic, clown-like talents can help you out.


She picked a balloon animal kit.

I know.

But look how talented her pitiful mother can become when racked with guilt.

Can you notice a trend?

Yeah, they pretty much all look the same.
Either dogs or kitties.... or

Yeah, I don't know either.

Mice or...


Call me. I do parties.


  1. *snort* Yeah, that's what mine would look like. We were in Charlottesville in early May and there was a man at the downtown mall making these things. He was really good with all the kids and made things like airplanes, helicopters, flowers, as well as the requisite dog and cat. Obviously he had been doing it awhile. DeBoy popped his airplane pretty quickly (they don't like to be squeezed), but the Queen's daisy stayed good for over 2 weeks. Keep playing with it, you'll get it (I would hyperventilate over blowing them up.)

  2. i am TOTALLY in awe of your mad balloon skillz.

  3. "My mom ignored my chicken pox for a week and all I got was this lousy balloon penis."

    I'm just teasing you of course. First off, you balloon creations are far better than anything I could do and second, I wouldn't know chicken pox if they came up and bit me. I would probably miss it all together if my kids had it.

  4. hehe ... She is so your daughter, I love it!

    Ok your balloons rock, if I attempted that my children would be scarred forever by all the popping ... they would see balloons and RUN AWAY>

    Seriously girl, we all miss stuff ....

  5. Is it me completely missing the point if I say that I love your tile?

    Oh and you frickin rock at balloon animals.

  6. still laughing **snort** thanks, needed a hard laugh, kathleen

  7. Hahahah, you are hilarious!

    And this post totally reminded me of a movie I saw once (the name escapes me at the moment) where the clown at a kiddie birthday party made one of the hot mamas a penis balloon "animal".


  8. Yeah. I was pretty much thinking the whole time through those pics that my penis hurt.


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