Friday, June 6, 2008

Consider this my PSA

So, when your child has a fever and diarrhea for less than 24 hours...don't take her to a birthday party the very next day. Or School, or swimming.

Because most probably a week or so later...

She'll have the chicken pox.

And they look similar to this:
I know. Hardly anything right?

Looks like bug bites. Yup.

But really quickly they get redder and bigger and itchier and more of them start to show up...even if your child already had the vaccine to ward off the pesky virus.

Well, she'll be most contagious the week BEFORE the rash shows up and that is when she can spread the airborne virus. Like from sharing toys in school, or the pool, or the playground even if she is next to a sweaty contagious person. (Kind of where I think she got it.)

And you may not even think twice about the rash because you have already forgotten about the fever a week before and they look so much like bug bites until your father tells you, "there are too many of them to be bug bites, you should get it checked out." And even then, you may wait a while...I mean, really...she's been a little off lately and the dark circles under her eyes have maybe gotten seriously darker but nothing to run to the doctor for. Right? You'll get her blood checked at her yearly well visit.

Well, once those bumps scab over, unlike a bug bite, you may start to finally question your initial ignorance and step to the doctors in a hurry.

Like I did.

You're welcome.


  1. bwahahahaa.... oh sorry. didn't mean to laugh. the vaccine will make fa's case milder than it could have been.

    my chicken pox stories predate (of course) the invention of the vaccine. no. 1 had it in kindergarten (something happens after they turn 5 and their immunity to it GOES AWAY), and gave it to no. 2 (age 2 1/2) and ME!!!!! yes, i had never had it as a child, so the drama king and i had a lovely bonding experience over aveeno.

    no. 3 got it on his own at the age of 6 -- gave it to his 17-year-old (then)stepbrother. *shudder*

  2. Ummm...that looks nothing like what I have ever seen chicken pox. I so would have agreed that it was bug bites.

  3. Poor kiddo. At least she's getting them early. I was in 8th grade when I got them. It sucked!!

  4. Yep, that is very inconsiderate of other parents. But probably better for Fa to get them when she's younger than older. I didn't get chicken pox till I was 14. My youngest son has never had them, and my oldest got them at 13 months. That sure was fun!

    I don't know of a parent who would have reacted any differently, though. Bug bites are so common this time of year, and a fever from a week or so ago, especially in a younger child, can be easy to lose track of.

    Get better soon, Fa!


  5. put some kitchen mittens on her so she won't scratch them and leave scars. (I'm sure that must be an old wives tale)

    Hope she is gets through this with not much discomfort.

  6. Poor Fa!

    I have had them, twice (the second bout was much milder).

    Baking soda mixed with a little water into paste is very good for the itch.

    Hope she's all better soon!

  7. awh JJ,

    sorry! i hated it when our girls received chicken pox. one daughter went to a bday party sleepover and the bday girl's little brother had just gotten over em. nobody told us this. we never would have let her go. she came home and got it and passed it on to her sister, so the house had chicken pox for a month with the two of them tag teaming. miserable.

    this, too, shall pass .. i hope very quickly for you all.

    take care, kathleen

  8. I wouldn't have realized my child had the chicken pox if they had the vaccine.

  9. awwwww Poor Fa!!!! Hope she is already back to her creative, bouncey self!

  10. Poor kid. I STILL remember when I had chicken pox and that was 40 years ago. I've been hearing lately that the vaccine isn't always effective. Which sort of begs the question, doesn't it? Hope she feels better soon. I scratched like hellfire and only have one scar from it. Of course, it's right in the middle of my forehead, but still, just the one.

  11. =( ug. I'm not looking forward to the day Ben gets em. Your poor little Fa. I still remember my mom telling me not to scratch about 32 million times. =P


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