Thursday, July 3, 2008

He needs pants.

And a dentist.

Remember all the complaints?

So the new vet? Not bad.

I liked him. He was down to earth and he'll squeeze the dog's ass every two months for free! This will avoid major surgery in the long run. I like that. So does my wallet. Or my husband's wallet.

He gave the dog MORE antibiotics for his skin allergies and he told us to try new dog food.

We'll see.

The dog came with us to the Hamptons this weekend and he did fine in the car. No puking or shitting. And he played nice with the other dogs and kids. Good dog.

I still find him irritating and he boils my blood.

Maybe it's the way Fa tortures him and he gets all riled up and outta control. I should crate Fa but I don't think CPS would agree. And he ate his crate literally to pieces.

So I haven't gotten rid of him yet. But if this new vet doesn't work out...I can't make you any promises.



  1. You are so funny!:)
    "Gulp!: :)

  2. That's hilarious.

    You know you would NEVER put Fa in a crate ... and you wouldn't get rid of that dog either.


  3. Oh-ho not dog butt stories. That just made my salami sandwich a little less appetizing.

  4. He is so cute. Wanna trade for a dog on Prozac??

    Oh a serious note we use EVO food for Lizzard and she does really well with it (sshe has food sensitivities on top of needing prozac and tranquiliers I know NEAT) and we also use some natural dog shampoo that smells yummy and doesn't irritate her.

    Good luck!

  5. He's adorable, a bit pornographic on the private doggie part shot, but still a cute dog.
    Glad you found a nice/helpful vet :-)
    Good luck with all the rest!!!

  6. What a funny post! I love the title too!

    Have a good day - Kellan

  7. oh yeah. pants.

    for sure.

    i might trade you 2 annoying rat dogs for him, tho.

  8. Would it be bad if I said I don't think he's adorable??? :) Especially if he's such a literal pain in the ass?
    Good luck!

  9. Heh, sounds like he'd better watch his back and think about changing his ways :) | email

  10. as many animals as I have, I have had to get rid of two dogs, cuz they just didn't "work" or jive with us. It was sad but better for us and them in the long run.

    Good luck though.

  11. I completely got mentally stopped when you said the Hamptons.

    It made me think of Weekend at Bernie's. Then I thought of them stapling Bernie's toupee to his head when it flies off. Which is something that can make me laugh ANYTIME I see the movie. Then I tried to remember the last time I've seen Weekend at Bernie's, and I bet that Mark won't let me rent that movie this holiday weekend because he refused to indulge me in any of my extremely poor taste in movies.

    Then I thought - "shit, was it really the Hamptons that was in the movie?? I don't think so now."

    So, anyhow, I'm glad to know about RT's ass and the new vet. I really thought him getting a new vet might help. Also - Cammie used to eat her plastic we got her a metal crate. Presto - no eating :)

    At this point, this entire comment has now made me seem completely frickin' insane.

  12. Oh, and for the record, when my nephew was little, he used to LOVE to go into Cammie's crate with her. Would go in with his cup-o-goldfish and juice box, the dog would follow, he'd shut the door and be perfectly happy hanging out with the dog.

    Please don't tell. But I have the best pictures of it.

  13. Crap - last one.

    I don't know what this plurk thing is, but I LOVE mint chocolate chip ice cream AND frozen yogurt too. SEriously - favorite flavor.

    That's my b-day cake from my mom each year - mom bakes a brownie, puts softened mint chocolate chip ice cream on top, freezes it again THEN pours over that chocolate shell stuff that freezes hard before popping it back into the freezer again.

    It's goood.

    Damn, now I'm hungry.

    These three comments - proof. Pregnancy brain is alive and well.

  14. I got so enchanted with Margaret's comments that I forgot what you were talking about.
    OK, I'm back. Yay on the new vet! And the successful trip!

  15. Glad the new vet looks promising. Oh the love for our children drives us to do crazy things!


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