Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer Lovin'

I love summer.

This is how we've been spending our latest days.

Butterfly watching in our very own garden.

Making ourselves 'wrinkled as raisins' from all the water.

Keeping all the wildlife happy.

Celebrating the birth of new life

(our new baby cardinals: see Mamma?)

That's Daddy keeping a watchful eye all day long.

They live in this tree right off of our porch.

And they have neighbors.

All leaving lasting impressions on my heart.


  1. oh I love love love those pictures. The toes are probably the best. hehehehehe

  2. Beautiful pictures, JJ!

    I have missed most of this summer with all my back nonsense, and now it is so miserably hot and humid that it's hard to even go get the mail. Fa's little pool and sprinkler would be a welcomed sight here today.

    Have some fun in that water for me.:)

  3. Those are some absolutely gorgeous photos! Wow! Makes me love summer even more! :)

  4. YOu know, you can say 1,000 words and make me cry...or just a few words like you did today and get me all misty.


    p.s. - love your little pool!!

  5. Looks like heaven!

  6. Love those soft baby feet!
    Looks like a fun summer was had by all!

  7. awww look at you guys! Summer sure does rock!! Although it is cool here right now, I just know the weather will perk up soon!

  8. Those pictures are fantastic. Looks like y'all have had a lot of fun.

  9. I love your house! And your yard! I don't blame you for spending the days like that. It's the stuff the best memories are made of!


  10. thanks guys. I love our house too...

  11. I love the photos!!

    We have a lot of wildlife Butterflies, roadrunners,quail, bunnies, hummingbirds... it is so fantastic!!!

    Great glimpse of summer life.

  12. what a lovely post!
    We don't have cardinals. I'm jealous.
    We do have swallowtail butterflies tho -- but not near enough.


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