Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How we fell in love....The Finale. Honeymoon in Vegas.

I couldn't end the walk down memory lane at the wedding.
Our honeymoon was just as memorable.

We bid our guests farewell the next day, after the delicious brunch we held. We toured some more vineyards with friends before we took off to Carmel.

The hotel was a slice of heaven tucked away in the mountain cliffs.

I still cry when I see this image. Remember when the pianist timed his solo of "Claire de Lune" to end just as the sun set into the horizon. I'll never get over the emotion it invoked. It was like watching the ocean devour the heat of the sun while our ears enveloped the sound of the piano.
Catalina Island never met tourists like us before...
Only we would find humor in the phallic vegetation of the Pet Cemetery.

The thunderstorms and epic heat of the Mohave Desert was a treat. Anything was bearable headed to Las Vegas...
My first time in Vegas and it was a blast. I can't decide what I loved more. Partying with Depeche Mode, their concert or falling asleep while you went to gamble in the Hard Rock.

Our Honeymoon was just the beginning of our married life together and it has been a ball. We've hit rocky terrain at times but there's no one in this world I'd want to ride it with.

I love you Big Daddy.
Thanks for the experiences you've given me. Thanks for the memories we're making. Thank you for holding my hand when I've felt alone. Thank you for making me feel like the best person in your life. Thank you for making me giggle even when I don't feel like it. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift ever, our daughter. Thank you for being you.


  1. Such a sweet post, JJ!

    Sounds to me like you are both very blessed with each other and Fa.

    I loved the pictures...you are glowing in them. I remember our first days of marriage too.....very Cinderella and Prince Charming.:)

    God Bless,

  2. What a nice series of posts! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. "It was like watching the ocean devour the heat of the sun while our ears enveloped the sound of the piano."

    That, my dear, is publish-worthy.

    I went to Vegas once but I was there for a conference so it wasn't much fun.
    The Pet Sematary, er, foliage is too funny.

    Y'all are so darling and that photo and your memory and description of it.
    *sigh* Big puffy heart string puller.
    BTW, love your tags!! Princess Bride baby!

  5. Awww you guys....GET A ROOM ;)

  6. this has been such a beautiful series!!

  7. Awwwww, now this is a sweet post!

    Hand me the barf bag!


    Awesome pictures and you guys went all out for the honeymoon didn't ya?!

    Very nice

  8. So much fun!
    Happy Anniversary!

  9. Wow. Your honeymoon looks like it was gorgeous! Great pics.

  10. AGAIN with the mushy stuff! ARGH!!!!!! :)

    It is a shame that you two are not a good looking couple!

    Happy anniversary!

  11. Yall are so cute.


    I am jealous.

  12. This has been an incredible group of posts. It clearly shows that "Big Daddy" is a very lucky man.

  13. I enjoyed going down memory lane with you.

    Does that sound stalker-ish?

  14. TWOO LOVE.... I just LOVE it (and vegas :))! Congratulations!

  15. Oh wow, I feel like I was there at your wedding! The photos are beautiful, and everything really does sound so perfect! I remember those Mojave thunderstorms well...you are right; they're pretty amazing!

    Here's to many, many more wonderful memories for you and your family!


  16. This is so sweet! You guys are so cute together.

  17. You look so incredibly happy in every photo!


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