Sunday, August 3, 2008

How we fell in love....part four. The Big Day.

August 3, 2001
Our wedding day.

How much fun it was.

And how in love we were.

I'll never forget the weather and the aroma of the vineyard.
The wine cellar was as romantic as you could get.

The day was perfect. The guests were having fun. We were taking it all in.

Oh! My beautiful cake. I've never even heard of 'Fondant' until we saw that cake!

And I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, if you asked.

I love you Big Daddy.
Happy Anniversary.


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  1. JJ your wedding pictures are gorgeous!

    What a fairy tale!

    You look so beautiful!:)

    Now, I've got to go and kiss my hubby.....and pop in a romantic chick flick.:)

    Thanks for sharing your special day; I absolutely love wedding pictures.

    Happy Anniversary to you both!

    God Bless,

  2. Everything was spectacularly beautiful! The weather, the locale...YOU! (Hubby didn't look too bad either but I don't think he'd like me to call him spectacularly beautiful).

    Now, go have a wonderful anniversary day!

    (I'd babysit Fa if I weren't (approximately) 1654 miles away (thank you google maps) from here to NYC.

    Go celebrate!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    The Pictures are wonderful!

  4. Aw... Very sweet and awesome. Hope you do something fun to celebrate the anniversary.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I have enjoyed this series! What a cool place to have a wedding!!!
    I think this must be a theme this month... yours is the 3rd anniversary complete with pictures that I've seen (and I've done mine as well) in the last month!

  6. happy anniversary, you two lovebirds.

    what a beautiful place and a beautiful wedding!

  7. Happy anniversary!

    Looks like your special day could not have been more perfect.


  8. YOU have gorgeous wedding pics, girlie! I got married in Vegas and when I don't look drunk in the pics I look sweaty. neat.

    And um, your man has beautiful taste in jewelry!!! xo.

  9. Fantastic pictures. It looks like a great time.

    Happy Anniversary.

  10. Great dress great ring. Great story.

  11. That isn't V. Sattui winery, is it?

  12. You are one beautymous bride my dear. And he's right cute also. Happy Anniversary!

  13. gorgeous setting -- gorgeous bride.

  14. Gorgeous! Beautiful! Wow!
    That dress is so dreamy! So romantic!
    What an amazing wedding. :)

  15. GORGEOUS!!!! Absolutely!!!!!! How fun to have the wedding in a vineyard!


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