Monday, August 11, 2008

Too much (clap,clap) time on my hands...

Playgroupie got me hooked. She introduced me to this site and now I can't stop.
Picnk, the new photo editing service...yeah, I'm addicted.

I've made some pretty damn beautiful edits of pictures of Fa using just the basic package, without paying a cent. Plus:

Previously, I took this series of photos...and now I did this:

What do you like to play with?


  1. hehe I wish I had more time!!!

  2. That's hysterical!
    I am wanting to learn Photo Shop. My oldest son is amazing with it.
    Me, not so much.
    Yesterday I posted a nudey picture from the beach in Sicily, and I had to figure out how to cover up her "nipplage" as my husband says.
    I had to resort to the Paint program.....It's not very professional.:) But it did work.:)
    But back to your question, I love to scrapbook.....Even though I am like five years behind, I love picking pictures and designing a page. It's addictive and therapeutic.

    Have a great day!

  3. So FUNNY! I predict endless possibilities for playing with pics of that poor dog alone ha ha ha!

  4. I love Photo shop, but I don't have a copy right now, and the one that came with the new computer is less than stellar, so I don't do much. As to non-computer hobbies, I cross stitch, crochet, and do all sorts of crafty things. Obviously I don't do as much of those now, but the craft skills have come in handy as my children both seem inclined in that direction.

  5. I'll give it a shot whehn I have some time.

  6. I just started to use Picnik too. It is addictive!

  7. Okay that is too funny! I totally know it's going to be my new addiction! ;)

  8. Heh, that's hilarious! I don't play with anything these days; I tend to just download a lot of graphics programs and try to learn how to use them :)

  9. I am very much into photoshop at the moment. Funny photo!

  10. love it!

    unfortunately I can get caught (sometimes for hours) on the damn solitaire game on the computer!

    just one more deal and I'll win!

  11. Oh no! Another thing for me to get addicted to.

    I love the skull and cross bones.

  12. What fun! Just what I need...something to keep me on the computer even MORE!

  13. Awesome. I predict that I too will soon be addicted


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