Monday, October 27, 2008

Just Poetik

So iPhone has this app. where you can create your own poems using Shakespeare's words. I love it.

And I wrote this in the throes of an almost 5 year old tantrum.

Yes, I was actually playing with it while she was screaming and kicking and thrashing about.

Not bad huh?

Yeh, she calmed down. Eventually. But she is having a hard time of this growing up thing. Me too.


  1. What a gorgeous poem!!
    I say write while trying to gather all patience! Growing up is way hard!

  2. Not bad at all! You did a great job. My oldest son would love this...He is very into Shakespeare's writings.

    I don't know where he gets it from though....

  3. Wow! Great job. I'm impressed. :)

  4. ah. the approach to 5 is soooo much fun.

  5. That's pretty impressive ... the poetry application, not the tantrum.


  6. Damn. That's pretty damn good.
    I like it.

  7. I Have nothing to offer.

    But hugs.

    And chocolate chip cookie dough If we lived closer, I'd say come over and lets eat cookie dough adn drink wine. Except I can't drink wine, so it'd be juice. And I can't eat raw cookie dough, so we'd have to bake it into actual cookies.

    What the hell fun am I?

  8. Love the poem! 5 is hard...very, very hard!

  9. Now THAT is a fun phone feature. Yeah, we had an interesting meltdown in the library on Friday. I'd write poetry too if I had the means. And it's a VERY nice poem, too!

  10. Maybe I should try this? Sounds like a good reason to buy an Iphone!

    That...and they are just so cool!

    Hope she eases up....a little...or you invest in more of the two!

  11. Okay, that? Is just so awesome! I never did well with the growing up thing, either. Neither my own, nor my kids' growing up. You are not alone!


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