Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh Gourd. You Devil.

Haiku Friday

Happy Halloween.
My favorite holiday.
I must be happy.

You'd never know it
by the way I've been acting.
Crazy stuff happ'nen.

Some of my favorite scenes from my favorite cartoon:

Fa wants to know why Lucy is so mean to her brother...Great question.

And my favorite Quotes from the same show:

Enjoy your day.


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  1. Halloween is my favorite too!!!!!!
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Happy halloween!!

  3. You are so clever - I love the title. We're big Peanuts fans around here too. We have the Great Pumpkin, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even Valentine's Day on DVD. I will have to confess that I am old enough to remember the original airing of the Great Pumpkin special.

  4. Am I wrong but it looks like the great pumpkin is not on tv this year. How scary!

  5. Happy Halloween! Why am I not surprised it's your favorite holiday as well?

  6. I forgot to ask - what's Fa for Halloween?

  7. I'll confess. I love that too.

    And I agree with Linus ... discussing The Great Pumpkin with people can be a very dangerous thing.

    Happy Halloween!

  8. I love me some Linus. That made me happy!!!!


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