Friday, March 20, 2009

Haiku...are we still doing this? Friday

Haiku Friday

Oh, it's been so long
my head hurts from the distance
of Haiku Friday.

I'm very rusty
I've so much to say to you
not enough haiku

Two thousand and nine
has not started out nicely
Better? Maybe? Now?

Signs of spring are here
Signs of life, back at this blog
Hello happy spring!

Brushing off the cold
Brushing off the misery
New year started with

Looking forward to
better on the horizon
the rest of this year!


Go here or here for Mr.Linky (these 'kuers rock) add your own piece of artful writing.

To play along for Haiku Friday, follow these steps:

1. Write your own haiku on your blog. You can do one or many, all following a theme or just random. What’s a haiku, you ask? Click here.

2. Sign the Mister Linky at one of the above chickie's blogs with your name and the link to your haiku post (the specific post URL, not your generic blog URL). We will delete your link if it doesn’t go to a haiku. If you need help with this, contact Christina.

3. Pick up a Haiku Friday button to display on the post or in your sidebar by clicking the button above.


  1. Welcome back to the land of the 'ku! I do hope your year starts to get better.

    TGIF - w00t! :)
    Tink *~*~*

    Now Playing at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* :
    Retail Therapy Skies Over Fort Myers, Florida

  2. I haven't done a haiku in a while either. I'm glad they are still around.
    Well done! :)

  3. I hope Spring brings you renewed energy. Nicely written Haiku.
    The White House

  4. You're right. 2009 did NOT start out well. Here's to heading for better days!


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