Saturday, January 28, 2012

Go Girl

My daughter kicked ass on the basket ball court today.

I'm so proud.

From a shy, little girl with OT issues, she's grown into a self confident and athletic brainiac.


She's dribbling, shooting, scoring, passing, rebounding and working that court like she was born there. How did that happen?

Loving Life At All Times
My daughter totally rocks. I am so lucky to be her mom. I can't believe that after all those "new mom" difficulties, I'm raising a fantastic little person.

Happy Saturday everyone...


  1. Love that picture. Also, whatever difficulties, kids really can be pretty resilient. Not a single parent does it perfectly every time, but it sounds like you've done so much right. So glad to hear she is doing so well!

  2. Of course you are raising a fantastic little person! You are way too hard on yourself as a Mom.


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