Monday, February 20, 2012

February Photo of the Day (Catch up)

I really am diggin' this meme. FatmumSlim is a memegenius. I heart her.

Day 11

Makes Me Happy (Minus my daughter who goes unposted)

Day 12

My Closet (one of them)

Day 13

Blue (Tunnel)

Day 14

Heart (All you need is Love)

Day 15

Phone (I love my catcase)

Day 16

Well, this is "Something New"
They're loving not fighting!

Day 17

"Time" to put the Cutlets away...The thieves got to them.

Day 18

I know the first "drink" of the day should be water...but it's coffee..

Day 19

What I hate. Work.

Day 20

Handwriting #Haiku

I know this was a lot, but I was so consumed with #instagram and I didn't have time to post here...But I'm really trying to maintain this place. For my sanity.

Thanks for visiting. The three of you... *pink puffy heart*


  1. Sanity is a good thing. *wink*

    Yeah. Some days I feel like my whole life is one big "catch up" but I'm glad you caught up. I enjoyed the pictures.


  2. Loved your pictures. Made me all fuzzy inside.

  3. I really do love these too. Are you continuing with March?

    Also... I want your kitties.


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