Friday, April 4, 2008

Blog'ku (Ode to Blogger)

Haiku Friday

Feels good to be back
Oh Blogger, how I've missed thee
Never stray again!

You make it easy
to blog, post, comment or vent
What was I thinking?

Did I think I could
forget you that easily,
loved over two years?

To import WP,
Other posts brought over here...
Asking too much, yes?

Google, get with it.
Help me to import the posts
So, I can move on!

Thank you internetz
For being patient with me
You are all great friends!

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  1. i don't even know the difference between blogger, blogpost, wordpress, livejournal, etc... i just signed up with the first one that came up when i googled free blog host.

    now i'm wondering if i made the right decision.

  2. Interesting. You went back to blogger, huh? Other than having to have Nap Warden do everything to my sidebars, I LOVE Wp.

  3. I've had both and I prefer WP, but that's b/c I'm just really used to it.. LOL Glad you are back where you are comfortable.

  4. I like blogger if a person doesn't have their own domain, but I prefer Word Press for my own domain.

  5. Interesting twist!
    I’ve watched many leave Blogger
    favoring Wordpress.

    I don’t know enough
    to make any changes yet …
    I've blogged just 5 months ;--)

    It does seem as though
    both are changing all the time ...
    Hopefully you'll be

    soon be able to
    import Wordpress posts and have
    all together here.

    I've got two Haiku
    posts on Tennis ... Men's Upate
    and a Women's Too

    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Welcome back! I see the virtues of both, but as I have my own domain ... wp was the way to go.

    BTW, I finally posted my haiku. 8^)

  7. I'm enjoying WP, but it took awhile to get the hang of...

  8. I like blogger better now that I put haloscan on it. Of course it ate all of my old comments, but now I can do the email thing. Not that I do much, but it is nice to do it when I can.

  9. I keep hearing about people switching from blogger to other places. I always thought blogger was bottom of the barrel. I guess it's not so bad, huh? Now I don't feel so bad about being scared to switch to anything else. :)

  10. I'm glad you feel at home!

    But I'm curious, what didn't you like about WP?

  11. Great 'ku, and I'm in the Blogger camp, too. I've dabbled with WP but if I'm doing the free version, I much prefer Blogger, even if others swear by WP.

  12. Aah, you're back. You've been missed. Not only by Blogger but by the blogosphere too ;)

    BTW, my mom and I are going to get her fitted for faux boobies tomorrow. She's so happy! (they've said the surgery will be complex so she's holding off on that for now).

    Have a great weekend!



  13. Great stuff.

    Hopefully you can figure out the Wordpress-to-Blogger transfer soon.

  14. Turn your laundry basket over and use it for a sofa table. I did! LOL I'm with blogger because I'm too tired and old to change...
    Great post!

  15. Love the haiku and I agree Blogger works best ... at least for me thats true

    I blog at:


  16. I started on blogger. Then for a couple of weeks I tested a blog on another free site. I suspect the ones you purchase might be better. I just didn't want to spend the money or the brain power.


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