Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fa's heart

Fa insisted we have a party for RT yesterday.

She made me buy him a chewey and wrap it.

She made my buy him a card.
She insisted it have a BT on the cover...

And she signed it (I cut that out) and drew a picture of her on RT's back.

We made cupcakes (he couldn't eat them, they were chocolate) and we had to give him treats to make up for the fact that he couldn't enjoy the cupcakes.

I think he had a good day.

I drew the line at party hats.


  1. What a sweetheart she is. I love the drawing! :-)

    patterson 1723@ mac. com (no spaces)

  2. kissy poo liddo sweet fa. booo boo baa baa giggle.
    (talking baby talk to your mutt. hee hee)

  3. hey don't knock party hats at a pet party! Been there done it with a cat ... a cat. Got to love the love they have for their best friends

  4. But the dog with the cake sprinkles around his mouth is hysterical! Great card - even if it IS for the dog!

  5. Looks like a great day! I love how kids love to do so much for their pets on their birthdays. Warms my heart!

  6. What the shit - no party hats?? What the hell?? Come on...

    You should have bought him some of that doggie ice cream. lactose free and non chocloate.

    Happy Birthday RT! Next time, I will send you some party hats.

  7. Sounds like quite a party...and Fa is certainly quite the planner!!!

  8. Ahhhh, Mom! No PARTY HATS?! Come'on!

    hehe! I'm just kidding. You're a good sport and a great mommy for doing this!

    love the card and the drawing.

  9. OH come on....no party hats????
    Every party needs a pooper.....
    HAHA...J/K....I'm impressed with all you did!

  10. rofl that is just too cute!!!


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