Friday, April 18, 2008

Memeing and Ku'ing at The Pro

Haiku Friday

Oh! My husband
What would I do without you
Less laundry for sure!

You are my best friend
The one who hears my complaints
and never runs off

I am so lucky
to have found the heart in you
sorry, I'm cranky

I'm working on it
I know you've noticed a change
Your compliments help!

Just want you happy
Want you to know I love you
Love you and your socks

Even when they're strewn
All over the living room
and under the bed

You are a mean cook
That makes up for your laundry
Happy bellies rule.


Krista tagged me for this meme...I've seen it before but never did it...I'm all up in theses memes so I must've been really depressed not to jump in on it...

I'm happy she tagged me for it. Thanks Krista!

You should go read her meme and her blog, she has a great place filled with beautiful pictures and great writing...Her and her husband are the cutest ever.

How long did you date? 4 years before we got engaged.

How old is he? 38 this July!

Who eats more? Him, usually! I'm watching my girly figure...

Who said “I love you” first? He did. And he said he knew I loved him too and I didn't have to say it if I wasn't sure yet...

Who is taller? He's 6'1" and I'm 5'6"

Who sings better? He actually has a great voice...sounds just like whoever he's singing with...Like a chameleon...

Who is smarter? He is wittier...I'm the genius of the all know that. He has a comeback for everything (like his daughter) and I'm usually the mensa...Ha!

Whose temper is worse? Mine all mine.

Who does the laundry? Hello? I do. When I can pick up the piles...

Who does the dishes? Kenmore.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? How are you looking at it? If you are in it, he's on the right...if you are looking from the foot, I'm on the right.

Who pays the bills? Me, but he makes the scheckles to pay them with.

Who cooks dinner? Him. But I'm learning. And I order a mean pizza.

Who drives when you are together? Him, he gets car sick.

Who is more stubborn? Me...damnit.

Who kissed who first? I think we kissed each other...we were both there..But don't ask when, I have no clue.

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? I think we can both do that pretty well...But I'm hardly wrong.

Whose parents do you see the most? Equally the same...We live smack dab in the middle of both parents.

Who proposed? He did. And I didn't even know it was coming, even though we talked about it.

Who is more sensitive? We are both pretty sensitive.

Who has more friends? Oh he does. He's got like a bajillion friends and as you know, I'm losing all of mine as I type. But I'm working on it.

Who has more siblings? He has a brother and a sister, I have one asshole brother.

Who wears the pants in the family? Well, he doesn't wear skirts. But then again, I hardly do either...We make decisions together as one pant wearing unit.

There ya go. All about The Pro.

I need to tag some people...Hmmm...

Since J has a new job, let's tag Chelle, Janet and Janet...Just because I love their names...and Midwestern Mommy...And you too if you feel up to it.


  1. hehe Without the husbands we would so not get through it all would we?

    I am glad your husband rocks! I will try to get this meme up since I am so honoured to be tagged!

  2. This was a fun one! Great answers and great haiku!

  3. "and I'm usually the mensa."

    Me too! Ha!:)
    That's what my hubby calls me, "Mensa freaking genius!"...but he's not bitter.:)

    I will check out the ones you recommended.

    Have a great day!

  4. I forgot to mention....great haiku!:)

    Sounds like you've got the sweetest me.:)

  5. Oh the socks, the sock! Is it every husband that does this?!?!?!

    Happy Friday!

  6. Great meme. And as usual, love your Haikus.

    Will do this meme!

    Oh and thanks for the homework advice from the other day.

  7. Great Ku, so sweet :)

    I may borrow the meme too... I've never seen it before!

  8. No, my laundry is piled, thank you LOL

    I need to air out my house but tree pollens are killing me!

    GREAT haiku, btw! Do we all have the same DH or so they all have the same habits? :)

    Happy weekend to you!

  9. Cool Haiku about
    ‘hubby’ … Wow, a meme as well!
    So industrious!

    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Your hubby sounds like heaven! ;)

    And of course my nosiness makes me want to ask about the brother...but I suppose I should keep that in check!

    Have a good weekend, my friend!



  11. wonderful hubby haiku! to love him and his strewn about socks - wow.

  12. yes you ARE a lucky one! and so is he!

    and i love the meme. i'm totally doing this one!!!!!

  13. Have a great weekend! I'd participate in the meme....but I could just go ahead and say that I do all of it! (on the housework front, at least).

  14. Hey, we have something else in common! My cooking expertise is ordering a "mean pizza" too.

  15. Ha ha, I like that Kenmore does your dishes. Does he put them in the dishwasher for you too? :)
    I only wish my hubby would cook. He claimed he was a good cook before we got married... but he never does it. Ugh!

  16. Aw! This was so sweet! You can just tell how crazy you are about him. I'll bet he's equally happy to have you!

  17. Aw, I loved the Haiku. I must remember to tell the husband that I really do love him, despite the ridiculous amount of clothing that's on the floor and the toothpaste gunge that is all over the bathroom counter.

  18. ooh fun - I Love memes - will do this one this week

  19. ooh fun - I Love memes - will do this one this week

  20. loved this, jj. totally adorable :)

    thanks for sharing this glimpse, kathleen


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