Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh dog!

Recently, Fa got a musical instrument kit. It contains a xylophone, castanets, a kazoo and a harmonica.

I know, what was I thinking?

Needless to say the dog is thrilled. T.H.R.I.LL.ED! I tell you.

In her quest to drive the dog bananas...Fa tried to "Charm" him into howling.

This clip is about 3 minutes longer with Fa tooting and him howling in his sleep on the couch...But I am strongly against posting Fa's image online, so you won't be seeing what might be the funniest part of the entire thing. My apologies.

And he still loves this kid to pieces...I won't be surprised if he hides the harmonica while we are out...

(I know you love the editing skillz...thank you.)


  1. That is hysterical....My dog was laying here beside me asleep....and once Fa started playing....she opened up her eyes and looked at me with this expression that seemed to say, "Are you kidding me?" ;)

    My husband will get the biggest kick out of this video!

    Have a great day.

  2. i'm howling with laughter.

    fa rocks. but you knew that.

  3. That's funny. Poor RT...trying to take a nap and then dealing with that.

  4. I am very impressed!

    Fa and Junior Mayhem would make quite the couple...maybe together they could drive WHOLE HERDS of dogs crazy!

  5. You freaked my cat the hell out! *snort* I don't know if it was the music or the dog - but she's still looking around the room trying to figure out what that was!!!! Lol!

  6. And so all this time I thought you just weren't blogging anymore--and then I checked my feed reader and I had the wrong URL. UGH!!

    I've missed you. So sorry I'm a putz.

  7. My parents (much larger) dog (a doberman) does the SAME thing with the harmonica. Only difference is it's my DAD that plays the harmonica to irritate the dog as opposed to any of the children that are at my parents house at any given time.

    Oh - and RT and Rudy might be related. They sound suspiciously alike.

  8. Thanks for sharing; that's the funniest thing I've seen in ages!

  9. My husband just watched it too...He thought it was so funny....and once again our dog looked up at us like, "Are you kidding me, again?" :)

  10. Seriously! That was so funny, but why on EARTH would you get her a musical instrument kit!!!??

  11. People always ask me why we bought our son drums.

    Was the "Kill me" from you or the dog?!

  12. AAHH!! He's going to turn that thing into a suppository if he has the chance! and opposable thumbs... if he had the "chance" and opposable thumbs.

    but he doesn't. shouldn't be a problem.

    but i suppose he could eat it. and then it could get caught in his woo-haa...and his farts could sound magical...or gratting...

    i need a therapist.

  13. so funny. poor doggie! loved how you added "please kill me now" under the dog. silly girl you are!

    :) kathleen

  14. If the dog didn't enjoy it, surely he would run away and hide somewhere.

    Our late dog would howl with the police and fire sirens.


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