Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tra La La (Oh! Dog part II)

Another video in the Poor Dog series...


We giggled so hard making this one. (you can hear us)

The song is by Gunther "The Ding Dong Song" makes me snort every time I hear it. I don't know if this dude is for real but he makes me laugh.

Don't worry, no animals were harmed during the making of this video...Actually, it's the other way 'round...He loves the "Boo Sha Sha"...(That's what we call the 'rubbing of the belly')


  1. What a stitch. He's just a cutie. I do not understand people who think animals don't have personality. I never met one who wasn't a distinct individual.
    I posted my meme today, dirty laundry and otherwise.

  2. That is hysterical......He keeps coming back for more and more.:)
    Falling off the couch over and over.:) That must have been some good "Boo Sha Sha." ;)

    I love dogs....It looks like yours is part of the family just like ours. (And of course, by part of the family, I mean spoiled.) :)

    Have a "Boo Sha Sha" kind of day!

  3. omigod, i'm ROLLING on the floor in hysterics.

    you guys are cuh-raaaaaazy! (that's why i love ya so much!)

  4. Porn for doggies. I love it!

    (P.S. love the sound of Fa's laugh. I personally think the sound of kids laughter is one of the best ever. Nothing cheers me up like listening to my twins giggle and laugh together)

  5. That's fantastic. He falls off the couch and gets right back up there.

    "Don't touch his schween!!!"


  6. Too cute! I love that dog. I also love all the funny touches to your blog. Itchy tags is the best!

  7. You have serious problems! That's why I keep coming back for more!

  8. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! OMG that is hysterical. The music just makes it, too. You guys crack me up!!!

  9. Okay, that is some funny stuff! I loved hearing Fa giggle :)

  10. We love it!!!!
    Ethan was all D D D D (aka dog dog dog) the giggles were awesome!

  11. We love it!!!!
    Ethan was all D D D D (aka dog dog dog) the giggles were awesome!

  12. HHAA!! EXCELLENT!! Oh JJ, that was FRICKING HYSTERICAL. Will and I were just sitting here laughing our asses off. He's SO CUTE! The way he kept jumping back up into place and on his back???


    Both of you.

  13. Absolutely cuteness. love that the end of the couch seems to be his spot.


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