Monday, September 22, 2008

Now THAT was a tantrum!

Oh I dunno, about two hours filled with screaming and yelling and crying.

Yeah, that was our Sunday night. And no it wasn't me.

It was her.

Door slamming, room confinement, "I'm gonna die in here" threats.

It was So. Much. Fun.

Cursing. Oh the cursing. (Now, that was me.)

I gave up. I did my best and I tried to keep calm with her yelling and him getting more mad by the second.

She was tired, we were tired.

I yelled at him, he cursed at me.

I made him deal with it the rest of the way through.

And ya know what?

He calmed her down, showered her and got her ready for bed. When she finally got to me again. She was weepy but calmer.

I should give up more often.

I learned my lesson.

And all for what?

We had a great day! A great weekend!

She played soccer. Pretty good too, may I add.

Her cousins came to cheer her on.

They ate ice cream and played in the basement.

The basement.


Uhm hum....That's how it happened.

She's the only child.

Three older cousins...2 sisters, one close enough sister. Her, the baby. Alone. Tired. Dirty. Cranky.

One of her chalk board drawings, "My most beautiful picture...EVER!" got accidentally erased. (I'm not so sure how accidentally, truthfully.)

Oh! The horror!

Now, I'm not trying to stick up for my only child or anything. I know she can be a little *ahem* dramatically challenged. But, she has never thrown that kinda fit over something that trivial before.

Or has she?



Okay, yes.

She has.

Over something quite similar actually. Not the chalk board, the magic magnet board. And it wasn't family she sent out with threats of hatred and evil screams. It was her best friend. And everyone cried that time too.

You see, she hates to throw ANYthing out. And when she saves something...she saves it.

Especially stuff that is supposed to be 'changed' when the mood strikes. DON'T you dare touch it, or all hell will break loose.

Drawn, originally July '07

Accidentally 'altered', Sept. '08

So, when I heard the piercing screams from my livingroom, you can only imagine what I initially thought?

So, you can also understand why I was skeptical about it being an 'accident'...until I processed the situation. This morning. While I was typing this post.

So, can you see why I let him handle it?

So, Yeah. Now THAT was a tantrum.


  1. I'm so sorry you had to go through that!
    Those are the worst. But I would rather my child have one than my husband!

  2. Oh yuck. I hate those. There so exhausting and everyone ends up upset. My hubby and I always end up fighting too how strange. Glad you survived

  3. "Dramatically challenged?" Is that what you kids are calling it nowadays? LOL

    I have one like that here as well. It DOES get better. The grey hairs keep coming, though. XOXO

  4. lol I love that "Dramatically Challenged" I am so claiming to be that. Oh MY Have we had a few of those moments around here and our sweet little one is not an only child! How does one learn to deal with one's emotions? Let them out!!! Obviously it is our hope that we can help our children through these episodes so that they grow into amazing adults, but these things have to happen. May we be thankful we have passionate children!

  5. Oh my goodness. My almost 4 year old had a massive tantrum this weekend; we were both exhausted and drained when it was over.

  6. oh yeah.

    she's 4, right? there's a reason they call it the fucking 4s.

    just sayin'

  7. I'm pretty sure those are in my future, too. My lil munchkin has started some mini tantrums already, but according to my mom I should have really won an academy award when I was approx 4 so's a coming!!! Hang in there mama! xo.

  8. I know of such things. It's a constant battle...and with some lose the battle, you lose the war!

    Hang in there...keep reminding yourself that this will serve her well one day. (Well...not the tantrum part....but the strongwilled thing!) :)

  9. Well, I certainly hope you don't have to deal with that type of thing very often.

  10. I have one of those as well. What finally worked with her was just ignoring her. As you so aptly put it, the dramatically challenged HATE being ignored.
    It's my younger one that has the potential for the saving thing. HOpefully that will eventually transfer itself to money.

  11. I have seen this type of tantrum in the past but not for quite some time. LOL


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