Thursday, September 25, 2008

Smart TV

Peek-a-BooI see you.

We are obsessed with this show these days.

Duck is me. In blue. A lot sarcastic and smart assed. Peep is Fa. Inquisitive and curious and a problem solver.

It's a smart show too. Have you seen it? Scientific discoveries in a real life setting. Making learning about science real by connecting it to real life situations... using cute as a button characters. Every kid big and small will fall in love with them. I love it.

Know what else Fa and I totally crack up at:

I love that monkey. And the show is really smart too. Builds vocabulary and word recognition.

Oh! And this too:
Click it to get to the site.

Why didn't I think of that? Actually I did. When I was in a classroom I used to do a project like that with the kids...Drawing the words inside the shapes that they represent like 'apple' and 'fish'. Now there's a show that does just that.

Teaches reading and word building skills. Helps the visual learner (as I am) to recognize letters and words and their sounds and meanings. Brilliant, I tell you.

Whaddya think? Is too much of THIS kind of TV a bad thing? I think you know my opinion. What's yours?


  1. Becca went through a huge Peep faze. That show is awesome ... It's a sunny day ...

    Now we are all about Busy town ... I think everything in moderation is a cool thing. We watch an hour a day. I could not handle having the tv on all day but there are people that love it that way. Each to their own.

  2. We watch quite a bit of Peep and Word World over here. I let mine watch more tv than I once did, but I have seen lots of positives from it. And, now that he's not napping he's unbearable at the end of the day unless he's just sitting and vegging in front of the tele. Thank God for Tivo.

  3. Looks like some educational stuff, so I guess that's not bad.

    Especially if you like watching it with her.

  4. I don't think there can be a such problem as too much educational television...especially when it's cute and entertaining!

  5. Thank god for TV. I would go nuts without it.

  6. I think TV as a learning tool is completely acceptable. My son is obsessed with Little Einsteins and Super Why, and I can't say I mind him watching either one.

  7. No, I think these shows would be great. I'm not a fan of curious George myself (the man in the yellow hat is just mean - he should NOT have taken George away from his family in the jungle - but I digress). I might have to see if these are on video since we don't have TV service. The first one looks cute as anything.

  8. I for one love these kind of shows!!! They keep Ben (and me!) entertained and they are educational. IT's win/win!!! 8)


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