Friday, October 3, 2008


Haiku Friday

Little girl struggling
So many questions to ask
Many unanswered!

In an unsure world
learning about you in it
very scary stuff

I know you're confused
I know you're trying to find
your place in the world

It can be so hard
all that goes on around you
You soak it all in

I know of your fears
Your insecurities too.
You are a strong girl!

I'll help you through it.
I promise, no matter what
Always on your side.

You can talk to me
about anything you want
even if you're scared

You can come to me
to hold your hand when you're scared
I'll help you get through

You are my precious
little girl, my little heart
Huge tantrums and all.

This was supposed to
be posted for last Friday.
Been a tough few weeks.

I'll be back again
soon as we all get better.
We are all sick now.

Going to bed.


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  1. So sorry you are all sick and that it sounds like there have been some not so pleasant things going on out your way. Beautifully haiku'd, though, and I hope things are better soon. Till then, hugs to you all.

  2. SO good to read something from you!! Sorry to hear it has been a rough time. Miss you, take care of you!

  3. A mother's love well ku'd. Hope you are all better soon.

  4. I was just getting ready to email you.


    p.s. - you and fa should get on a plane here... say...around Halloween'ish time. :)

    Baby shower on the 1st. Wish you could be here! Hugs and love.


    p.s. - if you need anything, holler, k?

  5. Oh, and crap, so the trip to NJ that was posponed last month is now the second to the last week of this month.

    I, am not allowed to fly as of that particular date. Dammitall.

  6. Sorry to hear you're all sick. Hope everybody is better soon.

  7. I am always overwhelmed by your devotion to your daughter. I hope you know what a wonderful mama you are!


  8. hope you feel better soon. a lovely set of haiku. :)

  9. I know that feeling only too well! It's been a little rough here too!

    Here's hoping it gets better soon!

  10. A good smile on a monday morning.
    I felt the hug

  11. I hope you are all better now! Miss you!


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