Friday, April 13, 2012

My little companions...

I was reading this post over at Birth Touch (A blog that I happen to really, really love) about Companion Pets.

I am not a dog lover, as those of you who know RT, know this very well.

But I am a crazy cat lady. CA-RAYZEE. Cat. Lady.

I'd have 100 cats if I could.

I haven't written regularly on this blog for quite some time so I haven't really kept up with the kitty stories on here. Tragic, I know.

So you have not heard about my two little loves that really are my heart's companions. They give me peace, calm and love. Not quite so unconditional, but more than your average cat. They are the BEST cats I've ever had. And I've had many.

My first born died when Fa was a month old. He was 20.

Puddin' He was my very first son.

I loved him with all my heart. When my husband and I moved in together and he came along, Husband couldn't believe how we used to cuddle and kiss and schnuggle like humans. He said Puddin' knew human emotion and had it just as well. Husband was floored.

Today, our newest members of the family are two adorable little naked boys.

Naked Boy 1
He's my son, my heart, my snuggle puss. He wants nothing more than to lay on my lap and purr and hug. He lets us pet him when he feels the need. He is finicky, yet wants to be around us at all times. He loves body heat. He loves kisses. He only loves to be rubbed under his chin and his neck...Most other body parts are off limits for everyone else but me. He is awesome.

Mamma I love you.

My other son is 6 months old.

Naked Boy 2

He's crayzee. He's high octane all day long. Playful, funny, smart. He fetches like a dog and LOVES being with us. All he wants to do his schnuggle. He loves his big sister, his mom and dad and LOVES to torment his big brother cat. Pouncing on him, biting him, teasing him....genreally being a younger brother annoyance. Yet, when they are peaceful. It is heaven

Oh Brother! I love you.
(Took a while to get here)

Their favorite spot in the sun.

He lets you do ANYthing to him.

When I'm sick, all bets are off...They both overlook their love/hate relationship to love me.

They are my true pet companions and the loves of my life...

On four legs.


  1. Love this post! Your cats are great!

    1. Thanks Kathy. I do love my naked boys.
      They make me smile every day.

  2. The bond between humans and animals is an amazing one if given the chance to flourish. I feel like my doggies are my daughters - love them so much. Sometimes I think they're the only ones who keep me sane!

    I can see how much you adore your boys! I love cats, but have gotten a bit more allergic as I've gotten older. The "naked" ones are so awesome and unique, though.

    Feel better soon!

    1. Naked boys are the best. :)
      I do find myself seeking them out for love when they are somewhere else...

  3. The companions I never expected to like are my daughter's rats. I was creeped out by their tails and didn't want any in the house. But then we got a couple, and in time I came to like them. (She loved it when I admitted to that fact!)
    Now I love how much she loves them! And, yes, I'm happy to hold them, too. *wink*


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